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Plan of Exhibition Hall

Brief introduction

16,000㎡ exhibition hall is divided into three levels. The first and the second floor is 6,500 ㎡ respectively, and the third floor is 3,000 ㎡, totally holding 890 standard booths. The hall provides a large venue of modern exhibitions and conventions to make up the shortage of exhibition platform in Shanghai. It can hold various exhibitions and it is a significant platform serving not only the Yangtze River Delta, but also the whole country and the entire world.


Data of the first floor

Area:6,500 m² 353 standard booth Clear Height:10.5m Bearing:1.5t/m² Column space:18m



Data of the second floor

Area:6,500 m² 356 standard booth Clear Height:7.4m Bearing:0.5t/m² Column space:18m


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