Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing has employed a professional management team with long-term operation and management of venues. The center will adopt service management system concluded from British 20 years of management experience to improve the advanced service concept. The system has practically been refined from the operation mode of venues in Shanghai for 20 years and completed from ISO9000 in the past 10 years.

1、Operational goals of the service management system
      Operations – safe and orderly
      Environment – comfortable and convenient
Service – professional and thoughtful
Coordination – convenient and efficient
Internal management – science and effective

2、Models for the service management system
Control service process, establishing a project-leader-based standardized service system;
Control the quality of service, building customer research, evaluation, and complaint system;
Control service standards, making intangible services tangible (implementation of plans, implementation of reports);
Train employees, improving the degree of specialization (reliability, responsibility, self-confidence, emotion).

3、Requirements of the service management system
Professional, systematic, humanized and integrated.
Based on ISO9000, the professional services management system of SHCEC will be gradually established.
We will establish a project-leader-based operating system to provide customers with one-stop service and a standardized

system and process to ensure the entire service system function well. This system consists of management regulations,

job descriptions, work instructions, quality records and other rules.
The company has initiated a customer-oriented service concept. Each employee is required to provide a wide range of

services with the philosophy of “Customer First, whole-hearted service” and empathy.

The venue management service system is like a “bucket theory” which means the manifestation of service level is decided

by the shortest piece of the wood. Each employee should provide an integrated service with the sincere cooperation of the


4、Embodiment of the service management system
Before fairs: visiting clients, getting a detailed understanding of customer needs.
During fairs: providing “one-stop” service and arranging Convention Services Manager.
After fairs: inquiring for advice and recommendations from customers, conducting the customer satisfaction statistics, paying

a return visit for important customers, making a face-to-face listening to get advice and opinions to make improvement.
Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Centre of International Sourcing will provide professional services for domestic and foreign exhibitors and participants with efficient, high value service as well as modern management mode.