Meeting Name:Promotion of SHCEC to the organizer of Shanghai Mode Lingerie


Time:3:30p.m. 24 October 2013


Address:Fantini Cafe


Participants:Ms. Peggy Fang, deputy general manager of SHCEC, marketing team & operation team of SHCEC, delegation from Shanghai Mode Lingerie


会议概况:A comprehensive introduction was delivered to delegation from Shanghai Mode Lingerie and Ms. Peggy Fang showed them around the venue in person.




Welcome delegation from Eurovet                           Ms. Peggy Fang was exchanging business cards with


Promotion of SHCEC                                                Delegation from Shanghai Mode Lingerie

Presentation was given by Sales & Marketing         Delegation was listening carefully to the presentation.


Ms. Peggy Fang was accompanying the                  Ms. Peggy Fang was accompanying the delegation

delegation to the center.                                           around the center.

Ms. Peggy Fang was answering the questions raised by the delegation.

Ms. Peggy Fang was seeing off the delegation.      Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of

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